The installation´s fundamental assumption is that a plane consists of an infinite number of intersecting straight lines, each of which is in turn an infinite collection of points. A plane is therefore a definitive synthesis of lines.

For the purpose of this installation, the artist designed an experimental plane that takes the form of a square measuring 8 x 8 units. This has been divided into 64 parts like a chessboard, creating 81 points at which the lines intersect.

In the gallery, Paryzski has hung 24 panels of transparent plexiglas, affixing 3 lines that intersect at 6 points to each. The points closest to each other have been paired. Their location is hardly accidental, having been calculated by a computer program which randomly selected 6 of 81 numbers corresponding to three pairs of points.The result of this calculation is a closed set of all possible configurations of 3 straight lines on a plane.

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